CROSS-FADE: a mentorship for movement specialists

Sharpen your skills.

Remix your mindset.

Find your voice.


12 weeks of direct access to me and my skill set, honed over a decade of mentoring teachers, guiding group and one-on-one classes, exploring practice across a wide array of modalities, and building clinical understanding as I work toward my Doctor of Physical Therapy degree.


You’ll also network with an incredible group of outside the box thinkers and movers. Together we’ll raise the bar on moment education, and lift each other up.


The mentorship is currently closed to new members.

Please drop your email on the waitlist to stay in the loop for the next Cross-Fade course Beginning in January, 2020.


CROSS-FADE waitlist for January 2020

You’ll get early registration at a special price and option for a payment plan.

I’ll also send updates on my journey through PT school, musings on movement practice, and exclusive free videos / online courses.

Cross-Fade was the program I needed- it gave my teaching and practice a much needed revamp, and got me curious about continuing my own learning. The material covered was understandable and progressed in an intelligent way. I feel so much more confident in implementing changes to the way I teach, including incorporating new styles, techniques, and language in a way that made sense.








Jianna Hoss

Yoga Teacher, US

I LOVE that you gave me instant feedback on one of my Instagram posts. That was a valuable experience for me. I also especially loved the concept videos because they helped me see the “why” and the application. The thing I incorporate the most right now is purposeful variety in closed-chain and open-chain movements. I have a better understanding how motor learning works. I have a bigger understanding of how people learn and integrate information. This has helped me sequence in effective but simple ways, both for a single class arc and for a longer series (which is one thing I wanted to learn from you). I also feel like I have a leg up on my college course material.


Megan Spears

Yoga Teacher, US

The content really is exceptional and will go a long, long way in the coming months and even years. It's so thorough and everything is well explained. I have loved watching the concept videos and the practice videos as well as joining in with the live calls as and when I could (it's great knowing I can go back to recordings of those I wasn't able to attend). It's all applicable to my current teaching and my personal practice and has given me something to get hold of in times when I've felt a little lost or ideas have dried up. I've had periods when my confidence has dipped and Cross-Fade has helped me to regain that. The writing prompts and e-mail list creation is giving me the kick I need to push forward with this and try to keep building my network.

Jude Evans

Yoga Teacher, UK

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